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Please, specify as complete information as possible. It will help us to answer your inquiry more precisely.

First Name   Last Name
Organisation   phone (including country and area code)
E-mail   fax (including country and area code)
Correct full name of the cargo      
Cargo quantity in one consignment   Total quantity
Kind of tare and packing (pallets, drums, cases, cartons, bags, big-bags, etc.)   Particulars of a cargo unit (weight, dimensions – in metric system, please).
For containerized cargo please advise the types and required number of containers type-wise as well as payloads of individual containers.
Place of receipt and shipping terms (ex-works, FCA, FOB, etc.)   Place and terms of delivery (FO, LO, FOT, FOR, etc.)
Required freight payment terms (prepaid, collect, paid at, etc.)   Invoiced value of the cargo
Specific conditions of cargo transportation and/or storage, if required (covered space storage, ventilation, special temperature, etc.)   Expected period of transportation
Couriering of cargo documentation: NO , YES country(ies) of destination, How many addressees   Insurance cover – Not needed, Needed (please state required terms, leg, insured value)
Other conditions and circumstances which you may consider essential to ensure safe transportation of your cargo   Additional information

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