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Overland transportation

Overland transportation

We arrange overland transportation by all means of conveyance nationwide and in transit to the economically reachable most distant destinations. All kinds of cargoes liquid chemicals included are moved both by road and rail.

Road haulage

Road haulage locally is a valid transportation instrument efficiently competing with railways up to the reach of 1,500 through 2,000 miles and more depending on the situation. Normally tilt trailers, temperature- controlled vans, container-carrying frames are easily available. Low-bed heavy-lift trailers for transportation of project cargoes are also available with some reasonable pre-programming.

Railroad transportation

We are organized to ship and take delivery of freight by/from the railroad both directly within any port area limits as well as in any of the operated cargo depots. Normally all types of railroad cars are available in sufficient number with slight seasonal fluctuations. The cargoes may be shipped via railroad to any destination in the CIS as well as throughout Europe with transhipment at frontier cross-point stations.

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